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When trouble comes, it's your family that supports you. But, when trouble comes from family itself, what shall be done? Some episodes ago, a woman named Sandhya approached this television adalat with a request to find her husband, who had eloped with another woman.

It was in 2008 that Sandhya got married to Subin and the couple has two children. Some time later, Subin got acquainted with a woman named Smitha and their relation strengthened gradually. Detached from her husband, Smitha, a mother of two, was living with her family. Sandhya alleges that Smitha bewitched Subin in the pretext of sending him abroad. As Smitha was living separately from her husband, her family too agreed with her relationship with Subin.

Sandhya alleged that Smitha's family knows their whereabouts. Smitha's brother Saji also participated in the adalat and said that his family doesn't know anything about the couple's whereabouts and wants them to be traced at the earliest.

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